TSF Ambassador Program

The Signature Fit is calling all trendsetters who EAT, SLEEP, BREATHE fashion to join the hottest Girl Gang of social influencers! We are a proud black women-owned fashion brand that supports diversity, female empowerment, and looking FAB at all times.

Babes in our tribe are given a personalized discount code to shop and share with their followers & rewarded with commission for each sale 🤑 If you are the perfect representation for The Signature Fit brand, click below to make your big debut!

Step 1: Apply here

Step 2:  Activate your TSF Ambassador account

Step 3: Share your unique discount code and referral link with your followers and earn commission!


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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who can apply as TSF Ambassador?

A: All trendsetter babes who EAT, SLEEP and BREATHE fashion can apply as Brand Ambassador.

Q: How to become a TSF Ambassador?

A: Apply here and then register your Ambassador account to access your discount code!

Q: How much is my unique TSF Ambassador discount code worth at check out?

A: 30% off. This may increase for holidays or special occasions (refer to your email or the TSF Ambassador Facebook Group)

Q: What are the perks of being a TSF Ambassador?

A: 1. A personal discount code worth 30% off for any/all purchases

  1. Earn 10% commission for every purchase using your discount/referral link
  2. Invites to Ambassador photoshoots and other TSF Events 
  3. Exclusive deals & early access to New Arrivals
  4. Chance to win giveaways and shopping sprees
  5. Features on our social media and website

Q: How much commission will I make per order? 

A: Earn 10% of the order total when a customer purchases using your referral link or discount code. Ambassadors are paid monthly via Paypal. 

Q: Can I use my discount code for my own purchases? And how much is it worth?

A: You can shop anytime with your Ambassador discount code for 30% off your order.

Q: Will I receive commission for my own purchases?

A: Ambassadors can apply their discount code to their order but will not receive commission.

Q: How do I promote to earn commission?

A: Direct your followers to use your discount code or referral link when you:

  1. Share your favorite posts from our social media feed to your story
  2. Post screen recordings from TSF website on your story 
  3. Post yourself in TSF and tag us 
  4. Share announcements (New Arrivals & Restocks) with your followers
  5. Share your reviews with your friends/followers
  6. Create clothing hauls videos, Tiktoks and Reels 
  7. Create a Pinterest board of your favorite Fits from TSF

Q: Will I have to purchase merchandise to advertise?

A: Purchasing merchandise with your 30% discount is a great way to advertise, create content and share reviews with your followers. You can also share content from our website or social media and direct your followers to use your discount code or referral link. Ambassadors have a chance to win freebies (see below), which they can promote. 

Q: Do I receive free clothing as an Ambassador?

A: Yes, Ambassadors have a chance to receive free items by winning giveaways in the TSF Ambassador Facebook Group and/or Babe of the Month. Babe of the Month is given to the ambassador with the highest participation/support. Ambassadors can also shop our website at 30% off with their discount. 

Q: How will I know about Ambassador deals and exclusives?

A: Ambassador deals and exclusives are announced in the TSF Ambassador Facebook Group, Instagram Story (Close Friends), via email and text message.

Q: Where can I find my discount code and referral link?

A: Log into the Affiliate Dashboard here 

Q: What is Babe of the Month?

A: A title and a shopping spree awarded to the ambassador with the highest participation/support. Babe of the Month is announced on Instagram/Facebook story and in the TSF Ambassador Facebook Group.

Q: How do I become Babe of the Month?

A: 1. Share your discount code/referral link.

  1. Like, comment and share TSF posts
  2. Tag us in your FIT pics on social media
  3. Leave reviews on our website
  4. Refer more Ambassadors